Is possible to store music files where I like?

Could I create a foler in my SD card and move my music files where I want, or it must be ay /var/lib/mpd/music or and usb stick? Because I created /MUSIC folder, and after rescan, Volumio can´t find them

Volumino exposes a folder called “Internal Storage” over a Windows file-share network, which is on the SD card that you can drag/drop files to.


Jup, agree with EddieA. But since I’m curious, why would you specifically want to use the /music directory?

Personally, I have a RPi0 that I use as a portable player, and obviously this is not always connected to my home wlan.

As I understand you are still using the same Pi as a player right? Then it doesn’t matter where the music is located that much?

The folder mentioned by EddieA is part of the internal storage of the Pi. Therefore you will take the music with you. The advantage is that it is made available over your network automatically which will allow you to make some changes to your music collection without fiddling with the SD card. Small disadvantage is that the transfer over network is a little slower?

Thanks for the answer…Really doesn´t matter the name of the folder… “internal storage” it´s ok for network , but where is this folder from inside the pi? I want to transfer 40gb of music files from an external usb disk to the SD card, and is better do it wiith the pi, connect the usn to the pc and sent it by network will take a lot more of time, I think

Found it, it is on /data/INTERNAL/

Nice, well then surely use that folder to upload the bulk of the files. Will be faster. But it might be useful in the future to add new songs (or delete) over network.

It was a bad idea to change the music files from usb disk to sd card.

Now all works with delay, even the music stops from time to time, and after one or two seconds continues again.

I tried to chane the gpu memory on /boot/config.txt but nothing changed

Why the fact to store the music files on the same SD card as volumio affects the performance?

Ok, It seems I wrote too fast.

After several minutes, all seems to work fine now, and no more cuts while playing. Maybe it needed some time to rescan all the library

I can´t believe it, but I must to correct my words again
After some hours of testing, having the music files in the same SD card as Volumio image, makes the player going slowly.

It takes some seconds now to change from a song to another one, and to stop and power off.

How could I fix it?

I have not used it myself, but tried to transfer some files over network and noticed it is very unreliable. While having the files locally and playing locally I have not yet noticed a lot of delay.

Do you mean in the same SD card, when you say you play the files locally without delay?

I have no problem play locally if the files are in an USB device, but if I move it to the remaining space in the Volumio SD card, the player turns slow.

Yes I meant the local SD card. While transferring the songs over network the Pi seems to stall a lot. (Disclaimer I’m using a Pi 1b)

I’ll be playing from the sd card some more today and see whether issues come up.