Is Orange Pi 3B 4GB LPDDR4/4X Rockchip RK3566 Quad-Core 64-Bit Compatible with volumio

I have one laying around so it is?

No, there is no support at the moment.
There is unofficial Armbian support for it, which would help reducing the porting effort.
But unless there is a community developer willing to spend his time on creating support AND maintaining it, chances that you will have OPi 3B Volumio support are slim.

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Sorry, old hardware, Libre never had any demand, no chance

Edit: there was never a demand for Volumio with a Libre Le Potato

Look at section “Community Portings”, that’s what the offer is.
Ofc you are free to add your own, in case you have scripting and linux experience.

Yes they did Jeff gerling used them in the mr beast 1-100 vid

I guess we need to replace the Raspberry Pi, in 2024 the transition to USB-C will begin in Europe and Debian will move the 32-bit code to separate distributions.

In my opinion there are better choices based on the Rockchip RK3566 SoC, and among these it is best to guarantee the cheapest ones.

I tried a pair of Radxa ROCK 3C Blue Edition, which cost very little, do not need radiators and have sufficient ports, Wi-Fi 6 Onboard antenna, Gigabit Ethernet, BT 5.4, eMMC Connector, 40-Pin GPIO, TF Card slot and M.2 connector.

Tech spec
Radxa ROCK 3C Blue Edition from Arace

sorry but I don’t see why we should replace the PI for those two reasons

Pi4 and Pi5 can be powered with a USB TypeC power supply, they support 64bit kernel and userspace, if we need to move that way

If you have time and skills, please feel free to create your own recipe for this platform, sending a pull-request to volumio3-os

Many of the community portings are based on the work done by community members

I apologize @Darmur, with “we” I meant we “who are part of this community that uses Volumio”, and in particular us “who have not yet bought the Volumio hardware”.

When I can contribute to the diffusion of Volumio I will gladly do it, I certainly don’t have the ability to do it now but if you do courses I will come to Florence to follow them. I have also expressed my willingness to finance the development of Volumio, until today I am still waiting a reply.

Thank you for the invitation to join the community of developers for porting, at the moment the most useful thing I can do is provide the hardware mentioned.

Are there any other raspis alternatives that can work with volumio?

@Blake_Francoeur There is a fair range of alternatives, see section “Community Portings”.

actually we have samples of Rock3C since several months, even before the official launch.

the problem is that Rock3C is still not supported by Armbian, and from our experience working with the vendor kernel is a nightmare.

when Rock3C will be supported by Armbian, porting Volumio on that platform won’t be a big problem


Work with volumino

you can find here the list of all the unofficial Community Portings

If a SBC is not in that list, it means there is no Volumio image for it.

Please be aware that community are unofficial, released “as-it-is”. No official support will be provided for those devices, but help from other community members is more than welcome.

Note, with all the community portings, you will not have the whole range of i2s HATs which the PI offers. Some don’t support i2s or spdif at all, some only have usb audio as an option. So, choose well.

I’m about to add the Odroid M1S to this list, also rk3566 based.
Volumio works well with it.
But, as @Darmur already mentioned, rk3566 board suppliers use the Rockchip vendor kernel, there is no Armbian support yet.
However, with the M1S, we have solid support from Hardkernel, so until we have Armbian support for it (which we aim for with all our community portings), maintenance should not pose any difficulties.

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