Is it possible to use a pc as client for Volumio?


I’m new to Volumio so please excuse me if I’m asking a stupid question.

I have Volumio running on a pc, it can play to my Altair G1. But …
I do have another PC with a DAC connected to use my headphones while working. Is there a way to play music to my workpc with Volumio? I can’t figure out how.

Please help as I would like to find a godd alternative to Roon

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Yes, you can with a Premium account.
From the other PC (the client) open a browser session with Volumio.
Select your track(s) and start playing on Volumio’s local device.
This step is only to get started, it does not matter which device is in use as this will not be relevant afterwards once you start playing on your client.
Then on the client PC click the speaker icon in the lower right corner and then select “Play here”. It will play on the locally selected default output device (speakers, monitor, DAC).
It is not limited to a pc, I use it to play from my iPhone using earbuds, allowing me to walk around the house.
This even works remote with a reliable internet connection, also with the Volumio App instead of a browser.

Thanks, I will try the premium. :slight_smile: