Is it possible to play a genre of music via the API?

Looking to play a genre via the API but cannot see a direct way in the guide.
I am hoping there is something built in like cmd=playgenre&name=Rock or something.

Any suggestions?

You could try with the normal replaceAndPlay command, it can eat atleast tracks/albums and artist uris, so perhaps an genre aswell.

Edit: i just tested, with websocket you can start playback of genre just like would start playback of song, perhaps the same works for rest api aswell?

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it should be posible to browse on genres ( rest api / volumio )

                "albumart": "/albumart?sourceicon=music_service/mpd/genreicon.png",
                "name": "Genres",
                "uri": "genres://",
                "plugin_type": "music_service",
                "plugin_name": "mpd"
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