Is it my dac, my Pi or me?

Hi, hope someone can be of help. I recently got my self a Pi3 and after becoming unhappy with Rune’s temperamental behavior I tried Volumio and voila, all is great.

However, perhaps I am booting my Pi incorrectly, i.e. with my usb dac connected, I don’t know, but all I keep getting is a repeated sort of “tick or dot” sound despite the music apparently playing according to Volumio’s ui.

My dac is a Sabaj Da2 which Volumio sees happily, and sometimes even works!

Tonight though it refuses to “play” and I’m ready for booting the lot through the window.

Hope someone can be of help.

Cheers, Lol

If you power the DAC through the usb from the Pi, it is likely a power problem.

Get a beefier power supply or better power the dac separately.

Search for other threads about this issue.

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Not sure it’s a power issue because I swapped the Da2 out for a bog standard Muse usb dac and that plays perfectly.

Could it be that the Da2 is an xmos dac?

I think it would be worth double checking the power supply to rule it out… the number of strange faults this throws up for the RPi is amazing.

The dac concerned is a small usb powered device. However, I found the problem. It requires setting the mixer/volume to “none” in the UI and then it works so no problem :slight_smile: