Is Airplay so tricky?


I´am really frustrated because of AirPlay and my Meridian Explorer.

I tried two different player on my Mac (Vox and Audirvana Plus) to play high res audio files. Both programs are able to stream files without changing the sample rate.

But my Meridian Explorer only plays all the 88,2 kHz files with 44,1 kHz. Is there something wrong in volumio? I thought volumio plays bitperfect, so no changings are made with the files?

In Volumio resampling is disabled, mixer type (volume control) is disabled. What else could be wrong?


Your frustration comes for Airplay itself!!!

Airplay on airport express is limited to 16-44.1.
Airplay on Apple TV is limited to 16-48.

All formats you play are automatically resampled to these rates.
To my understanding, the same is true for shairport.

Try other ways to connect your DAC.
If async, go for USB.


This are bad news, I didn’t know that Airplay is limited.

Is there any other way to transport music wireless to a RPi or similar device? I think bluetooth is no alternative, because of compression.


Your best alternative would be to use DLNA; there are several DLNA-servers available on the MAC platform.

My own setup has Mediacenter (by JRiver) running on a Mac mini server. It serves all my audio through DLNA in a bitperfect format to Volumio :slight_smile:


Hi Johan,

this sounds like a good alternative. I will give it a try. Thank you!