IR Remote Controller plugin not compat with Allo DigiOne?

First of all a big thank you to all volumio developers and a happy new year to everyone !!
I am a happy volumio user (Pi 3 + volumio 2.348 + Allo DigiOne + external USB HDD + external S/PDIF

DAC). This configuration is working perfectly well.
I want to add an IR Remlote to this setup. As volumio offers an IR Remote Controller plugin, i bought a FLIRC IR dongle and a JustBoom IR Remote.
But i have an issue : after i download the plugin in volumio, as soon i enable it, i have no more sound (the graphic interface of volumio seems to read my music files, but nothing seems to be sent to the DAC anymore). To recover the sound, i have to desable the plugin and reboot volumio. In a word : impossible to listen to the music with the IR Remote plugin enabled (with or without the dongle connected to the Pi).

Anyone has an idea ?

Thank you for your kind help.


Has anyone had this problem?
Thank you for your help

I have the same problem. I just want to add remote control

Have you tried activating the GPIO 17 switch in the remote plug-in?
Screenshot 2019-06-17 at 21.45.46.png