IR control Webradio

Hi there

Im new to volumio, Im sure this has been covered before.

I want to use my logitech remote to control volumio, with out using the web interface. I would like to use my remote to recall saved favourite web radio stations. I was wondering if this is possible? If so, How would i go about doing this?



Hello there,

first you should have a look at the IR-control thread over here:

I solved this task on my Harmon Elite with sort of a workaround:
choose Odroid remote in the IR-remote plugin
choose Odroid C2 remote in the Harmony app
add each radio stationyou would like to toggle through to a seperate playlist named like the radiostation itself
edit lircrc-file under /data/plugins/system_controller/ir_controller/configurations/Odroid\ Remote by changing config=… for Menu button (or any button you wish) to the following: config = /usr/bin/curl “” (while FM4 is the name of the playlist containing the radiostation)
now just add all the playlists/radio stations you want to toggle through with another config for Menu button below the first config and safe the file
re-select Odroid remote in IR-remote plugin
Now you should be able to toogle through your radiostations pressing the Menu-button on your Logitech remote.

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Hi Raendy,

great tip. Thanks.

Just to update the information for the new version 1.2 of the plugin. The path for changing lircrc is now:
/data/plugins/accessory/ir_controller/configurations/Odroid Remotes

The rest still works as per your post.

Cheers Falko