IQaudIO Pi-DAC+ and Pi-DigiAMP+

Hopefully many of you will have seen the latest Raspberry Pi Magazine (TheMagPi) and the review of the Pi-DigiAMP+ where we received 4stars ( … einvention)

The Pi-DigiAMP+ is is a combined DAC and AMP (PowerDAC in TI terms) capable of up to 2x30w stereo at Full-HD 192/24. In essence it’s a PCM5122 and TPA3118d2 Class D AMP (as used in our Pi-AMP+) combined in one chip.

The DigiAMP+ and the AMP+ have software controlled mute (GPIO22) and hardware volume control built in. Both our Pi-DigiAMP+ and Pi-DAC+ expose additional IO signals allowing for easy connection to IR sensors / Rotary Encoders (volume knob) and i2c displays.

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Here you say that it uses the TPA3118d2 Class D AMP, but on your website it says TAS5756m. Which is it?


No, he didn’t, he said:

[Highlighting by me :wink:]
If you look closely at the picture on the website you’ll see it’s actually the TAS5756M, as mentioned on the website.

However, since we’re already on it :wink:, I do have some questions about this product, too:

First of all, from my point of view it’s a long awaited solution. I was always wondering when someone will eventually go the “PurePath™” to avoid a separate DAC. My questions are:

  1. Can I still add a TFT touchscreen like the Adafruit PiTFT to the Pi-2? Do I have to solder for that?

  2. Is it possible to use a simple button on GPIO22 for mute control instead of software control?

  3. Is it possible to operate the Pi-DigiAMP+ in mono PBTL mode?

  4. Is it possible to operate the Pi-DigiAMP+ at a higher voltage (19 or 24V) to squeeze out a little more juice? (According to the data sheet the 5756M can)

  5. Is it possible to ‘stack’ 2 DigiAMPs to get a multichannel solution?

Thank you!

I have the DigiAMP+, and it works very well. The only thing that I’m not so happy with is that not all GPIO pins are further exposed from the DigiAMP+, so they can be used. Specifically I would like to use the SPI pins, but they are not available on the DigiAMP+

Does anyone have a good idea of how to fairly easy get access to those unused pins??