IQ Audio DAC+ Vs Audiophonics I-Sabre V3 DAC

Currently running with a RPi3 and IQaudio Dac plus…

Looking to upgrade.

I love sound stage, detail and bass extension…

Is the Audiophonics I-Sabre V3 DAC worth the money?

How does it sound compared to the IQaudio DAC plus?

What would be a better alternative to the Audiophonics?

thanks in advance


What is the reason to upgrade?

Look and read about the Allo Kali and the Hifiberry DAC+ pro which both have abilities to improve the RPi’s I2S clock signal which is important in how everything sounds in the end.

Also the Mamboberry has a lot of good reviews.

Finally, if you are looking into improvements, also take a look at how you power your streamer (think SBooster or other better power supplies than stock).

At the end, try and listen to alternatives to find your personal improved sound. YMMV :slight_smile:

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Are you running Volumio, Rune or both?

What is your source, your amp & speakers?

I’m using rune and volumio… I have two different micro sd cards.

Amp onkyo tx8150 amp SM2

I’m happy with the iqaudio, just building a case and discovered the Audio phonics v3 Dac and case.

I listen to ambient, edit, dub, reggae