iPhone/iPad app irresponsible

Volumio 3 Issues?


I have Raspberry 3B+ with an external DAC connected to WiFi ac network (transfers up to 433 Mb/s) and wired lan 1Gb/s.
I use local NAS storage and Tidal.

The mobile application is often irresponsive (I cannot do anything, the menu is empty) - no matter what source and network I use.

When I kill the application it detects the device and start working again.

There is no any problem with the website volumio.local from my iPhone or MacBook Air laptop.

What can I do with this?


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Hello ,
I am Haring the same Isuse .
After sole minutes the app becomes dead .
I need to kill the app then open it again in order to be able to use it .
I am on Volumio 3.378