[ipad|ios] volume control is imprecise, dangerous [REOPENED]

On my iPad, using the iOS app, the volume control is difficult to use. Directly tapping the outer ring moves the control quickly. Tapping inside the ring (the inner circle) causes the volume level to jump very quickly, sometimes to dangerous levels. With a Max Volume setting in Playback Options, the controls will go past the maximum value.

I think this could be better and safer.

the controls not respecting max volume is in issue 231 in Volumio2 UI.


The iOS app was developed by monkeyproof (see this thread), and the code is hosted on Github. You should contact the author with your concerns.

will do. thanks!

edit: I was referring ot the iPad version of the app which is listed as being developed by Michaelangelo. There are two in the App store. Original report still applies.

Thank you Rob. We are about to release a new revamped iOS app, which will fix this issue

Ah my mistake, sorry. I can’t tell one Apple from another :wink: