IOS Wifi connection issue

I’m using a Raspberry PI 3 with HifiBerrry DAC +. Wifi is enabled as an Hotspot. My iPhone is able to connect to the Wifi, is asks for a Password and after typing it the connection seems to work.

But a Window opens showing the Volumio Web Page as a Login Page (Captive Portal):Captive.png

I’m able to control volumio using this page, even Airplay is working as long as this login page keeps open. If I push the Home button or the Display turns off, the Wifi connection is broken and Airplay stops.

I guess IOS expects some kind of successful Login to keep this Wifi connection ?

There is only an option to cancel but if I click it the Wifi connection is lost, too.

I found a wokaround: see

Don’t connect automatically the Wifi, just tap the (I) in Wifi settings and “Join Network”. The Captiv Portal page does not appear and the network is connected. Even if the IPhone turn off the screen.