iOS client bug - white screen after swapping apps


Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.915, and also 2.917
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3b+
DAC: external USB DAC, HRT Music Streamer II
Client: iPhone XR with iOS 15 and iOS 15.0.1.

Debug Log

Steps to Reproduce

This started happening when I upgraded my iPhone XR to iOS 15, and still happens with iOS 15.0.1.

  1. Run Volumio UI app on iPhone
  2. Switch away to another application
  3. When switching back to Volumio client after a minute or so, or more, there’s nothing but a white screen.
  4. At this point, it’s necessary to exit the app using a swipe-up (the usual means for exiting an app)
  5. Rerun Volumio app on iPhone
  6. Volumio app appears OK.

Additional Information


Have you ever managed to get to the bottom of this? It also happens for me on an iPhone XS with iOS 15.1.

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I created an account here to say “me too.” I have 4 Volumio instantiations (hence my username) and use the iOS app to interface them all. But like you when I bring up the app after using other apps, I get only a white screen and have to force-close the app and reopen. Then it works fine for a very little while (even if I switch apps away from Volumio & back).

I can’t recall if this behavior started some time after I began using the app or if it’s been since I first purchased it, but in either cases it’s been this way for years

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I’m having the same problem, with both iPhone XR and iPad mini 5 and I suspect this started happening since I upgraded to iOS 15.X

Any chance to get it fixed ?


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If the iOS app is no longer being supported, I suggest Volumio open-source it so that we can fix it ourselves.

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The iOS app is a hot mess! I have this problem and also if you switch and come back, the play/pause and track location is frozen and not working.

Sorry guys if you are having this experience.

The iOS app is receiving some love.
Our goal is to release an updated version by mid march.


That’s great news. The symptom @craigtone is describing (the UI sort of works, but all actual functionality is broken) appears to have started with one of the more recent iOS updates (maybe 15.2?). The end effect is pretty much the same as the earlier “white screen” problem though, namely the app has to be killed and restarted.

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Just a general +1 on this. This problem is really annoying.

Looking forward to the mid March release. Thanks for the good work!

Another +1 on this. Can’t wait to see the update released :slight_smile:

How’s the update coming?


Yes. Any news? I came this close to purchasing a advance paris streamer but was but off by the decrease in sound quality from my raspberry + dragonfly dac.
The streaming app was far better than Volumio though. 100% stable.

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The Android app is in public beta, the iOS app should follow in the next 2 weeks.

Any update?


for me today the best way till the Update is comming,
to open Volumio over Safari (IP Adress), an than use the Button to but the Site on the Homescreen.
Now you can open Volumio directly from the Homescreen.
It feels a little faster, and the only thing is missed to Turn easily to anorher Volumio.

Oh, i set the IP Adress in the Router to, everytime the Same.

Maybe that helps Till the Update is comming


Very useful tip! Thanks for sharing

Same “white screen after swapping…” problem here with iPad app on OS 15.4 on my iPad Mini 5.

Keep up the good work, guys.

Is there a public beta for the iOS app?

Any news on this, I switch apps lot and closing volumio to then open it again when I want to pause for a meeting is getting a bit old, i have subscribed to superstar and I really like the product. Thanks

Still nothing?