iOS apps for nothing? No play?

Just registered for a MyVolumio trial and even wiped out an old Mac mini so I could install Volumio.

Then installed the Volumio app on both iPhone and iPad, being absolutely sure that I would be able to see my content AND play it on those devices through the network.

Alas, these apps or even the browser access are virtually useless, as no listening experience can be had. So why the heck do we install them? Just so I could remote control a computer that is already in front of me?

What you wanted is a media server, not an audio player like Volumio.

A lot of us run Volumio headless, on Raspberry Pis and similar SBCs. We control playback through the Volumio web interface. Indeed, on these ‘slim’ devices, you won’t find the web interface displayed by default (to save system resources).

What you described is typically provided by media servers. That is, you have a server that hosts your media, and you stream from the server to a client installed on your iPhone, iPad or whatever. Some servers also provide a web interface so you can play stuff directly in your browser.

Have a look at Emby, Jellyfin, LMS, just to name a few. They are capable of what you are after. I would recommend Jellyfin - easy to install, provides a nice web interface for in-browser streaming and, most importantly, fully libre.

Tks, Patrick; much appreciated.

However, it seems like none of the solutions above would directly support streaming services like TIDAL and HRA Streaming. So for me they would not work. As far as I can see, Roon is the only integrated solution that can help here (apart from HRA Streaming support).

Yet I am still shocked by the lack of direct playing support on iDevices - for instance, can’t I use something like Lumin to access Volumio?

Roon is also a media server + client setup. You need to install a Roon server from which clients can stream audio from. It also appears that some people are using Volumio as a Roon client (trying searching these forums - not sure how well they work though as I don’t use Roon).

You might also want to have a look at Plex and their Tidal integration.

Well, if Roon is already served by my local content plus streaming needs, there is zero reason for me to keep Volumio. As for Plex, unfortunately they do not support MQA in TIDAL. So the options keep narrowing down for me.

I’m afraid that’s the case. Just use whatever works best for you :grin:

Tks again - I just find it highly misleading that their front page states, with beautiful screen shots of iDevices “playing” content:

" And access and control it with your computer, phone, anything with a browser! Everything from configuration to Playback is just a fingertip away. Easily manage Volumio through the web UI. Control it with your Mac, Pc, Android, iOS or anything with a browser."

That could not be further from the truth - we do not “play” anything on an iPhone; we just remote control something to be played elsewhere (i.e. Volumio’s main centralized core).

Volumio does play content, it’s just that people tend to apply a bit of judgement before installing it.

If you want to host a dlna server on volumio you can enable the plugin and play on your phone with iOS VLC or similar. Feel free to tell me all about how this won’t meet your needs etc etc etc.

You could buy roon, at a much greater cost of course, and you’d have to set up an end point and all the rest of it. There’s extensive documentation on it, but given your emotional reaction to volumio not meeting your expectations I warn you that roon won’t clean your house for you or tell you this weeks lottery numbers.

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Emotions? No, just disappointment.

In any case, please let me know how I can use DLNA to make possible what I indicate above. Can I play my content+TIDAL+HRA Streaming through Volumio’s web interface on my iDevices? Feel free to enlighten me.

I’m afraid that you’ll only be able to stream files stored on a physical drive plugged into the volumio device to an iOS device using dlna. There’s a plug-in that can be enabled from the plugins menu. It’s not possible to stream hrs/tidal/qobuz from the volumio device to an iOS device. I personally use mconnect on my iPhone to do something close to what you want to do, . It will send tidal/qobuz over upnp to the volumio device so I can play over the lan onto my 2 channel system, but also plays dlna streams (I have my cd collection ripped to flac) from my volumio device to my iOS device. You might want to look at mconnect.

I personally find the qobuz app on iOS better than accessing qobuz through mconnect, but mconnect handles pretty much everything through one app.

Tks - in any case, it seems like this would not give me the integrated approach I am seeking, and also not stream MQA content from TIDAL. So I will have to abandon the Volumio idea (was ready to subscribe as superstar to it); Roon seems like it is the only choice for what I need (minus HRA Streaming).

You are probably right. Good luck with roon.

I have volumio stored on my raspberry pi and i use the app to play music through tidal and qobuz and my hard disk which is connected to my pi.
So you can access tidal through volumio
A raspberry pi system can be made for little money.
You just need a raspberry pi. Burn volumio to a microsd card and insert into the pi.
Connect the pi to the Internet and then use your phone or computer as your interface.
For better sound you can connect a dac hat to the pi.

I already had a Mac dedicated to Volumio - my request is not about remote controlling; it’s about PLAYING Volumio content on my iPhone/iPad through the Volumio app. This is not possible.

@Ric, in the meantime Volumio offers the feature you are looking for: