iOS app loses connection

I thought the behaviour would have changed with the relaunch of the iOS app some weeks ago, but it apparently has not. When the app is resumed after it has been in the background for a while, in about 50% of the cases it has lost control to volumio, does not find it again and has to be manually closed and restarted. Is there anything I can do from my end or will there be an update in the near future to remedy this annoying behaviour?

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I am seeing the same disconnection issue with the iOS app. The android app does not show this problem.
Is this a known issue?

The new version of the app (2 days old) appears to recognize its non-responsiveness and restarts automatically. Thank you for this improvement!

Problem seems to be resolved in my case as well. Thanks for fixing this

Well I recently switched to Bluos (what has a couple of other things i don’t like) for exact that reason. Is there anything on my side I can do?

(I know, this is a quite late reply)