IOS App freezes after every handling after version 3

Hi There,

I am constantly running into irritations of controls not working after one command. Sometimes the volume doesn’t respond, sometimes the music won’t start to play when selected etc etc.
These symptoms are very equivalent with the problems I had when I joined Volumio somewhere version 1 or 2.

It’s really disappointing that these kinds of problems appeared again after Version 3.
Here is link to the log as where I had to restart my app after every selection.

Here again blockage of the interface after selection of every single track.

Here a log with the Volume Control which is unresponsive.

App unresponsive again:

Interface shows previous track, time line lags behind. Unable to skip to next track. App responsive after 30 sec.

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Volume control unresponsive via IOS App.

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App blanked when opening IOS phone. Had to restart app.

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