Invite to join Public Beta Testing: Volumio 3 Buster

Maybe an idea to maintain those url’s centrally by Volumio on a regular base. It’s easy to create a script (or RPA) to test if these URL’s are still valid and correct those that fail. Use a push service to push the updates to the clients, use a pull on the clients when opening the webradio page, or even a refresh button in the front-end, so the user can decide if needed.

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Even this is challenging.
Got an invite, needed to verify by phone, then by mail with a request for password…?

Did the phone, didn’t provide a password to my email,

now it just telling me Whoops unable to accept invite.

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Hi, juste to Say that the sound IS absolutely Amazing with Volumio 3.163. Bravissimo !!! Waiting for the 7 décembre with great attention. :+1:

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