Invert X axis - touch screen

I added a touch screen to my Pi recently, which is largely working just fine. The one issue I’m experiencing is inversion of the X axis. Moving right moves left, left moves right. Up and down works just fine. I’ve attempted to correct this using Option “InvertX” “true” in the pointer section of the libinput.conf file, but this does not appear to be doing the trick. I’m using an adapter to convert the touch screen input to USB mouse.

I have tried using TransformationMatrix as well, but I have no clue how to make that work properly. Thus far I’ve only succeeded in causing the pointer to only go to the left corner of the screen using that option. I’m open to any suggestions.

Side note: I have no issues with the screen’s display orientation. It’s displaying properly and the y axis (up and down) is responding as expected.