introduction jcdidier

i am a new volumio user, based on raspberry pi + hifiberry dac.
passionate about music, orphan of squeezebox products
I am aiming to build a simple to use, true high fidelity, multiroom and cost efficient system.

still currently searching the best configuration.
using former logitech LMS + squeezeslave and one SB duet
testing volumio
considerng also other alternatives (openelec ?)

amps : tripath poppulse
speakers : klipsch RF3, vecteur prototype

forgot to mention : french, living in the west suburbs of Paris, near Versailles

close to reaching my goal :
playing hires audio files in mpd/volumio and in squeezelite
sources : media server (logitech) AND 3rd party service (Qobuz)

sounds great !

still some work to do for packaging/usability
volumio database management is so bad ! sluggish …
unusable with my media data base : 4330 records, 23000 tracks