Internet Radio don't work after Spotify-connect installation

Dear Community,

as you can see in my subject line, I got the problem with the standard internet radio after the installation of the Spotiy connect plugin.
After installing the plugin I can’t play any radio station anymore. I can add and remove stations to the playlist, but I am not able to start/play them.
I have updated Volumio the day before yesterday, but it hasn’t changed anything about my problem.
I am currently a little bit helpless, because several restarts have not helped either.
Thanks a lot for your support.

really, there is no possible interaction between webradio and spotify connect…
are you sure the stream you choose for the radio is ok?

Hmm ok,
so if there is no interaction possible between the two plugins, then I have to take another - closer - look at the internet radio settings :/…
If I could solve the problem, I will update my Post.
Thank you very much for your quick response!

ok let us know if you find what’s wrong :wink: