Internal music library keeps disappearing

After booting my Raspi Zero W with volumio3 sometimes no music is available. After rebooting everything is ok, so it clearly is a temporary issue.

When there is no music “Internal” disappears from the library, playlists are still visible but won’t play. Even going to settings and trying to refresh/rescan doesn’t help. But logging in via ssh I can see that all music ist available in /mnt/INTERNAL

Setup: I have all my music (all mp3) in my INTERNAL folder (Artist->Album structure). It’s based on the current Volumio 3 image and no plugins installed. Ssh is enabled and I installed MFRC522-trigger which sends cmd=playplaylist/play/pause using api/v1

Any ideas? Are there some logs I can check?

Would you share some system logs please?

Preferable from a fresh reboot, with minimal steps to reproduce the problem :slight_smile:

Thanks - I just uploaded logs. Do you find them or do you need me to send you the link to the logs?
All I did was boot the Pi Zero and use the API to play a playlist (like api/v1/commands/?cmd=playplaylist&name=my_playlist_1). Maybe also play/pause command was sent. One idea of mine is that this happend before volumio was ready

Update: just happend again (sent logs again). This time just booting the pi. On another computer the Web UI was open in Browse Library Mode.

Please have another look at the documentation link, you are supposed to post the returned URL from the Send button.
Note though, we have Christmas Season, so support slowed down a bit…

Thanks for the hint and sorry I didn’t see that you need the links. Here they are
1st log:
2nd log:

Other than Volumio reporting that it can’t find the music directory, I don’t see any further clues in the logs.

Do you see similar behaviour when controlling Volumio through a browser?

yes. I just boot the pi, open volumio web ui (no NFC tags/ api calls) and try to access the internal musi and it’s missing. Rebooting once or twice and everything is fine. If I ssh into the pi the files are there (/mnt/INTERNAL - is this where volumio is looking?). Of course everything is on the same 16GB SD card with teh partitions as created by volumio.

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Yep, that is where your files will be stored on the sd card. I really have no idea why you are seeing this behaviour. If it was me, then I would probably change the sd card and reflash.

Edit: next time it happens, check that the samba daemon is still running (‘sudo systemctl status smbd’)

samba is working fine when the library disappears. I can still copy music to/from the raspi zero while volumio insists that there is no internal music

I just setup a new storage card, different vendor still 16GB (lesser quality then the first one ;-)). So far it seems to work fine but it’s still a bit early to tell since with the previous installation it wasn’t easily reproducable. To me it seems like some race condition where sometimes volumio starts before the internal music is available.

Anyway thanks for the support and I’ll post an update if it happens with the new installation, too.

Same goes for an rPi4-4GB and rPi-8GB. The network share won’t show, however if there are songs left in the queue from the share i can still p lay them. So it seems the share is still there but for some reason Volumio is not showing it.
Same related, for some reason it shows Internal and USB in Music Library, even though they are not used, or even attached.
A reboot solves the problem. Unable to reproduce on command.