Interference with Qobuz and SMSL-DO100 dac


I am having problems with a SMSL DO100 dac. When booting, volumio switches the DAC to 512 dad mode unnecessarily. When playback Starts volumio switches correctly to 44.1 but the dac makes a loud pop. Playback is otherwise normal but sometimes a interference develops and there is a annoying noise at backround. It goes away when I reboot the system.

I installed yesterday and there was no interference then. But now it updated and the interference started. It has to do something with the USB system as I had similar interference with windows 10 about a year ago. Different computer and a different DAC back then (Topping E30). But qobuz was the source back then also.

Hi - I have the same DAC. This seems to be a known issue, as discussed here:

I noticed the comment by bobfa on Audiophile Style about the popping sound when first turning on the SMSL DO100 connected to Raspberry Pi (maybe all Linux-based devices?).

Looks like this may have to do with the DO100 going into DSD512 mode when turned on and when you play something (likely PCM and almost certainly not DSD512!), that initiation/transition creates that noise.

For the time being, folks running into this issue can put the DAC into UAC1.1 mode. You’ll be limited to 24/96 maximum resolution and no DSD; but no popping noise.

I did put the dac to the usb 1.1 mode and that helped! Thank you! All of my music is at max 24/96 so I am happy now. Perhaps the DAC would need a firmware update but there has not been such :-1:

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