Interface UI suggestions

Here are two concepts for the main screen.

Previous, Current Song, Next Song. Album Art.

Recently Added Features. Highlight the Artist on new Songs imports for X amount of days.

Noticed on Volumio 3: Alignment issue on Text to Icon. Needs CSS code edit

What i think it should look like:


Idea’s for Quick Artist Find.

I think settings should be icons, I threw this together quick(so I picked a alien head for all)

Superstar customer should unlock color themes, my suggestion is use a name of a song that will make it more music like instead of green, red, blue. Since the main purpose of Volumio is to enjoy music.

Volumio — Standard Color

These colors are named after popular 60-80’s Songs.

Baby Blue — Nice Blue Color
Purple Rain — Nice Purple
Crimson & Clover. — Deep Red Color
Mellow Yellow — Yellowish Color
White Rabbit. — White Color
Fields of Gold. — Gold Color
Orange Crush. — Orange Color
Brown Sugar. — Light Brown
Green River — Darkish Green

did you try this

this would give you a way better look …