Interested in building a seminative iOS App????

Hey there,

As you know volumio has a pretty solid web app that you can attach to your home screen.

Web apps are great. However I dislike one thing. At least speaking for iOS, web apps reload everything esch time you open them.

This feels kind of unnecessary and depending on your local network it costs you up to seconds of time.

Therefore I built a simple iOS app with a webUI and embedded volumio‘s ingeffsce inside.

The result is interesting. Native apps are able to work in the background. The web ui does not reload every resource when activated. You can return to volumio without losing connection to the server. It feels more responsive.

I‘d like to share the knowledge with everyone interested. Would you like to build such an app? If yes, I will make a tutorial soon.[size=1]fedloan easybib[/size]

sounds interesting but only for ios?