Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.799
Hardware: INTEL NUC10I5FNH

Hi There,

After my colleague’s introduction, I joined the Volumio Family last week and bought the INTEL NUC as it is powerful and the size is just small enough to hide somewhere beyond my wife eyesight.

However, when I finished all the setup, I found that I can’t use the LAN for Internet connection. After reading the Volumio Community, I found that the current 2.799 might not fully support the latest Intel NUC’s LAN Driver.

Some people said that they could use the LAN and WiFi function after using the DEV Version. However, I can’t find it on the page.

Can anyone provide the link of DEV Version? Actually I will use the Volumio for Trial and Qobuz. LAN is in an paramount importance for my case.

Thanks so much!!

Stephen ^^

Hello - if you want to try to install a beta version of Volumio then there are instructions available at

Hopefully this will solve your problem, obviously be careful to back up anything important as you may lose all your data, and going back to a proper release may involve resetting back to factory defaults (also losing your data).

Good Luck!

That would only work with beta versions for the same Volumio release.
The mentioned X86 dev version is completely separate, based on Debian buster, has a fairly new kernel and firmware supporting most modern x86 setups.
The download link can be found in section Volumio Development/ Development Talks/ Volumio X86 Debian Buster debugging party.