Intel NUC Spdif and video compatibility

I installed volumio (version 2.632 - X86) but I realized that I can’t use the digital spdif port present.

The model is: … 5cpyh.html

Also connected to the 4K TV, the graphics are very slow.

Ahat did i do wrong?

Is there any driver to add for both the video card and the spdif port?

Thanks in advance

Nobody uses intel nuc for volumio ?

yes, of course we do :wink:
Problem is, the current x86 versions are using an old kernel and firmware, which does not support a lot of “newish” hardware configurations. We are working on it as we speak and hope to release an alpha version soon.
With the newest 4.19.y kernel and set of firmware files, the current problems should be solved. Mine, a 7th generation NUC, already works fine…