Intel NUC 5PPYH Wifi not recognized

Hi All,

Thanks for a awesome build, was a user of Daphile earlier, but Volumio sounds much better.

I was able to install Volumio in Intel NUC successfully and was able to play media, but wifi does not seem to be supporting. I get no list of wifi networks in system menu, and even if i switch ON hotspot it will be automatically turned OFF once i leave the screen inspite of saving the settings.

Wifi device used is Intel 3650 (standard fitment in 5PPYH)

any help will be greatly appreciated


Until some months ago the Linux kernel used by Volumio did not support the WiFi card used by the recent Intel NUCs.

This is a older unit , more than 2 years old. Tried a re-install also


Roberto is right, we know newer devices have issues. Not a matter of kernel version only (new kernel works fine), we also need new firmware packages. Unfortunately these packages are not available for Debian jessie Volumio currently is based on. We plan to port to Debian stretch and then the Intel wifi will be supported.
This takes time plus I don’t have the hardware to test with.

Turns out a lot of the drivers in /lib/firmware esp the 7265 D10 does not work!

To make matters worse the ucode files here are PHONEY BALONEY … rs/iwlwifi

It will load but will give you a -110 error after it loads.
iwlwifi 0000:02:00.0: Failed to start INIT ucode: -110

You will need to git clone this … rmware.git

and get the right ucode files and copy them to /lib/firmware and it works like a charm now.