Intel dual band wireless ac 3165#3

I have installed volumio on a mini pc x86 model beelink gemini M.
Tge wifi installed is a
Intel dual band wireless ac 3165
The system does not create the hotshot and when i try to switch the wifi I get error message

I suppose that the system does not support the component.
Any suggestion?

Try the one from here: Volumio X86/ Debian Buster debugging party (BETA)
It is not the latest version but will help to verify that your issue has been solved with the next version.
In a joint effort by volumio devs and community members, we are currently pushing Debian buster and hope to release it soon.
For x86 there will be a 32bit (x86_i386) and a 64bit (x86_amd64) version.

It works perfectly!!!
Thanks for your support.

Ok, this means the upcoming releases will support it officially.

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