Intel® Compute Stick (STCK1A32WFC)

Hi All,

I have an older Intel® Compute Stick STCK1A32WFC ( and install with Volumeio.
After loading with version 2.348 the system seems to be woriking fine (system is up, running; DAC is properly detected, music can be played as expected), except two things. One is that the change to the volume has no effect at all, and the wireless - which is the Realtek RTL8723BS not detected / working at all.

Does anybody some idea how to overcome on these ?

Thanks in advance !

I am not a Linux expert at all, but so far succeed to boot from an alternate HW - of which NIC is supported. Could either launch a terminal from the 2nd desktop or through ssh.
Made an attempt with this guide: … -GNU-Linux but screw up :neutral_face:

Any hint / step-by-step instructions would been highly appreciated on how to build a RTL8723BS driver for Volumio.