Installing volumio-2.907-2021-07-02-pi goes fine but doesn't appear on wifi

I’ve been using volumio for 3 years but didn’t upgrade. (It worked so didn’t try.)
Today I downloaded volumio-2.907-2021-07-02-pi and put it on a new microSD 32Gb.
I booted it in my RPi3 and after a few minutes it appeared as a wifi hotspot.
Using the hotspot connection, I went through the setup screens entering the local wifi network and password.
Volumio appeared to restart at the end of that process.
The monitor attached to the RPi prompts for login and gives this:
[ 127.973892] EXT4-fs error (device mmcblk0p3): ext4_mb_generate_buddy:747 group 64, block bitmap and bg descriptor inconsistent: 0 vs 20520 free clusters

Then prompts again for login.

Volumio apparently does not login to the local network that I provided.
The router display on my pc shows volumio as inactive.

I need help to resolve this and to get this version of volumio working, please.

I had hoped that a newer version of volumio would be an improvement, but the installation routine of the new version via wifi fails to operate beyond the install routine itself.
I have searched for an answer but have been unsuccessful.
I have imaged the sd card several times and installed several times.
The last time I was able to run volumio through the hotspot albeit very very very slow response times.
When I told volumio to restart, it gave 10 line of errors all ending with ‘Stucture Needs Cleaning’ like:
mkdir: can’t create directory /mnt/ext/dyn Stucture Needs Cleaning

So I am back to the 3 year old version that works.
I’d love to get the new one working and that SD card sits awaiting any helpful response here.
Thanks in advance.