installing vollumio

i have an issue when installing the volume image.
I’ve followed the tuto from the doc ( … ges/ ) and yours here:
but none of the above has worked. I have no signal on the tv and the ssh server don’t answer.

i don’t know if the installation didn’t work and how to check where the problem is.
I’ve done a manual installation 2 times with other os ( raspbian & OSMC ) and i’ve never had any troubles

thx d3m0t3p

There should be no signal on the TV. Volumio doesn’t have a “normal” interface, where you plug a monitor. You have to connect it with an ethernet cable to your router, and then in a computer, open a web browser and go to volumio.local
In a tablet or mobile phone, this might not work, and you might need to find out what the IP address of the volumio box is (check your router config web page, opening in a web browser these addresses: normally, but could be also or

Volumio doesn’t autoconnect via wifi to your network, as it doesn’t know it’s name or password. The first time you need ethernet, and then you can config the wifi network name and password.

If you followed the volumio’s tutorial, it should be ok.

Also, it happened to me once that my SD card was unable to boot, and I had to try with a different one. The card was OK, it simply refused to boot. The ligts on the raspberry pi must start to blink after a couple of seconds after powering it up. If they remain on, but don’t blink, try with a different SD card, ideally a different model or brand.

So, my first step to check if everything booted correctly, would be connecting the raspberry pi to the router via ethernet cable, and checking the router to see if there is an address reserved for the raspberry pi. Remember that the pi takes a couple of minutes to boot, depending on the speed of your SD card, so it might take 1-2 minutes to appear. If you need help to check this, just ask.

Just checked, and I realised that there is an output if you connect the raspberry pi to your PC. Sorry if I misled you, I didn’t know it.

You definitely should have screen output. As I said, check the LEDs on the board.