installing power button

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to install a power button on volumio using the tutorial I found on this forum

It directs me to go to

cd /var/www/command

and run

sudo mv player_wrk.php player_wrk.sav

Unfortunately I’m unable to find these files anywhere. Are they moved to a different folder?

thx for the help

One of the first comments in the guide says: “Donc à partir d’un Volumio 1.55 d’origine”
So it’s based on a very outdated version of Volumio.
The step you refer to has this comment: “5/ Ajout de la commande dans l’interface Web de Volumio”
It seems to point to the web interface, which has gotten a massive overhaul in Volumio 2. Not only are these files no longer in this location, the entire method of calling the player controls has changed.

Check the plugin sections here, there might already be a power-down button to achieve what you want . Or try to update the guide and upload the plugin yourself :wink:
The good thing is that with Volumio 2, external control has become much easier. Simply find out which command is needed for proper shutdown, and send that command when the button is pressed.



There’s a plugin available (not an official one, though): … off-plugin

To install it, you need to follow the indications given here: … off-plugin

  1. log in volumio by ssh
  2. run “mkdir ./audiophonicsonoff-plugin”
  3. run “wget …
  4. run “miniunzip -d ./audiophonicsonoff-plugin”
  5. run “cd audiophonicsonoff-plugin”
  6. run “apt-get update && apt-get install -y build-essential”
  7. run “npm i”
  8. run “volumio plugin install”

Then you can enable it through the usual plugin menu.

Hope this helps.