Installing on existing raspbian

Hi can i install it on a existing raspbian

Same question. A dedicated distribution doesn’t much interest me. Installing on an existing one interests me considerably.

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hi ,
did u manage to install it on an existing raspbian?

Volumio is designed to be a full Operating System. It’s not something that can be installed standalone

Since the Volumio distribution uses Debian as it’s base wouldn’t it be wise to make it compatible with Debian’s packaging system? The way it is now it’s very easy to break when making customizations and I heard it wil also break when you try to upgrade.
Maintaining a couple debs and hosting a repo is not that hard to do and you can host it for free at Sourceforge or some other free host.
This way it would also be possible for people with more needs than just a media server to easily add the repo to an existing system and install Volumio. And for Volumio distro users it would mean they could upgrade and customize their system without breaking it.

you could try berry boot, maybe it will help you.