Installing a LCD driver

Hi All!
I am a totally noob with working with al raspberry and with all teh linux distro’s :smiley:

But ive trying to get my LCD working on the raspberry.
I have found the drivers and it seem that i downloaded it, but when the raspberry is rebooted the raspberry’s LSC give me a error.

Can someone help me?
What i have done:

Install volumio on SD
SD into the Rasberry Pi. and waited to boot.
log into the wifi signal and go to the first setup of volumio
then go to volumio.local/dev/ and enable SSH

open PUtty onm windows and connect to volumio
make directory driver
Find driver on the internet:

then download driver: wget
Then “tar xzvf LCD*.tar.gz” enter
"cd LCD_show_v6_1_3 " enter
"./LCD35_v " enter

and then a crash after reboot:

on my working LCD :smiley: :
modprobe: can’t change directory tp ‘4.15.18-v7’: No such file or directory
mount: mounting /dev/loop0 on /mnt/static failed: No such device
cat: can’t open ‘/mnt/static/etc/os-release’: No such file or directory
mount: mounting overlay on /mnt/ext/union failed: No such device
mount: mounting /mnt/static on /mnt/ext/union/static failed: Invalid arguments

but freezes and volumio wont start again and the terminal is also dead.
Can someone help me in a good direction? Tnx!!

Those drivers are for a different kernel version. If you need 3rd part drivers (rather than using built-in support in Volumio display plugin), then you are likely to struggle.

I would rather recommend you to install supported drivers.

I just followed Saiyatos link and it was a 5 minute install and it works fine with a 20x4 LCD there is a small issue where the screen gets corrupted after a few seconds/minutes so then you just have to reboot the docker by going via SSH and using Putty put in " sudo systemctl restart docker " and then the screen is fine till you reboot. If you know how to run this automatically after say a minutes delay let me know. cheers.