Installing 5.1

The 5th time I have tried installing this program in a raspberry pi b+. The other tries with earlier version, but have had the same problem with ver 1.5.
Seems to load ok down to and just past the volumio logo and the “no warranty” lines. The pi@volunio: $ prompt appears, then get a “switching to governor performance” message. Then the lines:
audio_set_ctl$558 Controls set for stream 0 appears twice
error count since last fsck: 3
Initial error at time 1396987247: mb_free_blockw:1426: block 30248
last error at time 1396987322: ext4_remount:4680
then install stops
suggestion and help will be most welcome.
Rasperry pi b+
wired network
3.5mm plug for sound
external hd plugged into powered USB
wireless logitech mouse and keyboard.

further info:
Unplugged everything but hdmi and power (wall wart power supply suggested to raspbarry)
Plugged items back in
Recognized all but hung up with the USB hard drive, so remove it
Added usb flash drive, it was recognized but had directory blockreading errors.
Volumio shows up on the network, but cannot be accessed.
Unplugged net cable which program acknowledged. Plugged back in and link up mess, full-duplex, 100mbps, but can see on network, but not access.
SSH did not work.
Disconnect and reconnect HUB. Was recognized as such.
Hit return and the following message EXT4-fs error (device mmcblk0p3): ext_find_entry:1309: commbash: reading directory lblock 0
Now have pi@volumio: $ on the screen. This appears each time “return” is pressed.

I’m not very competent on this as I haven’t the same hardware, but can you try with another SD card? Sometimes installation issues are due to corrupted SD cards. See also …

Thanks, Used different cards. Got openelect and raspmbc to work, but to slow and clunk for me. Going back to my PC for a while. Another good idea down the drain.


I’ve had the same trouble. Overclocking the Raspberry Pi can cause SD card corruption. Is the v1.5 image overclocked by default because I didn’t have any problems with v1.4?