Installed Squeezeox server and sqlite - cannot make it work

My volumio is running fine on my NUC - youtube plugin works a charm. FANTASTIC PLAYER.
I installed the Squeezebox Server and Squeezelite on my NUC Volumio.
Dont know how to access lms from here.
I clicked on LMS server icon at LMS server plugin page - it opens another window with a different ip - but no lms interface appears. squeezelite plugin has no config setting.
Note, i have used lms via Daphile in the past which works fine. I installed the December Volumio version.
How do i get to play music via LMS?

What did you try? LMS runs on port 9000, can you connect to the instance using that and the IP address of the machine?

I do doubt the x86 version installs, the plugin was specifically written for Pi’s, so support on x86 is super limited since I don’t have a working x86 instance in my lab to test the installation script and the choices needed for x86.

Thanks for the reply Saiyato. I can access my Volumio/NUC using the IP I tried using the port 9000 but nothing happens. Anything else i need to check please?

You can try to install LMS manually (by using the correct deb package), if that doesn’t work it’s beyond me at this point I’m affraid.