Installed hifiBerry Digi - Volumio not accessable

I just installed a HifiBerry Digi and followed these steps to make it work. And got a beep-output after performing the test as is mentioned at the bottom of that page.

Volumio (latest version, downloaded and installed yesterday) worked fine this morning with analog output; after the above actions to get the Digi to work, Volumio is not responding via the volumio.local website. Ping is responding fine, loggin in with Putty also produces a normal response.

What can be wrong, how can I retun Volumio to normal behaviour? I know I can install it again, but I’m afraid that after following the same steps to get the digi to work, I’m in the same situation again…

Reinstall of Volumio solved the problem

I had the same issue, I fixed it by accessing the Pi via SSH and simply killing and then restarting the MPD service.