Installation on Raspberry Pi 3 B

I have installed Volumio ‘volumio-2.729-2020-03-18-pi’ on 2 different boards with the same result. The boards are both Raspberry Pi 3 model B. I cannot connect to the installation. The IP address returned by the board is and on my system it should be in the range to The result is that I cannot see or reach the system. On the first installation I had a version running on another board, a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, and I thought this might have caused a problem. But during the second installation I made sure that the working system was not active and was powered off. The installation on the Pi 2 B is working perfectly.
Please help


I think you are still on the Volumio hotspot (

Try joining the Volumio WiFi and adding your own WiFi in the network section.

Exactly, you are connected to the hotspot. Please connect to your wifi using the first configuration wizard

Thanks guys that was exactly the problem. I received a JustBoom Amp Hat this morning and when I was going through their instructions I realised what my problem was. When I did my first installation I do not remember having to go through that process. As far asI can remember I was able to connect straight from my browser and tah is only a few weeks ago.