Installation Guide on Debian Jessie

Hi I´ve an Pi3 an whont to know is its possible to install volumio on a debian jessie existing OS.
Is there any step by step guide?

Thanks for helping me.

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currently no, you cannot install Volumio 2 on an existing Debian Jessie OS.
Volumio depends on it’s own minimal set of packages and customized initrd and squased root filesystem.
You can have a look at to get an idea how the images are being built.


i read the installations guide


Buildscripts for Volumio System

required : squashfs-tools kpartx multistrap qemu-user-static samba debootstrap parted dosfstools qemu binfmt-support

required for building x86 : qemu-utils

clone the build repo on your local folder : git clone []( build

cd to /build and type ./ -b -d all -v 2.0 where switches are :
    -b --Build system with Multistrap, use arm or x86 to select architecture
    -d --Create Image for Specific Devices. Usage: all (all), pi, udoo, cuboxi, bbb, cubietruck, compulab
    -l --Create docker layer. Docker Repository name as as argument
    -v --Version

Example: Build a Raspberry PI image from scratch, version 2.0 : ./ -b arm -d pi -v 2.0 -l reponame

when i type ./ -b x86 -v 2.0

the build start. —> ok

my question is:

where is the img file?

my system: debian 8 clean install


the output is

Creating Volumio Folder Structure
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/media’: File exists
Prepping MPD environment
Adding Volumio Parent Service to Startup
Adding Volumio Remote Updater Service to Startup
Adding Udisks-glue service to Startup
Setting Mpd to SystemD instead of Init
Synchronizing state for mpd.service with sysvinit using update-rc.d…
Executing /usr/sbin/update-rc.d mpd defaults
Executing /usr/sbin/update-rc.d mpd enable
Adding Users to Audio Group
Setting RT Priority to Audio Group
Alsa tuning
Creating Alsa state file
Tuning LAN
Disabling IPV6
#disable ipv6
net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6 = 1
net.ipv6.conf.default.disable_ipv6 = 1
net.ipv6.conf.lo.disable_ipv6 = 1
Adding information in os-release
Base System Installed
Writing system information
Unmounting Temp devices
Copying Custom Volumio System Files
Copying X86 related Configuration files
Done Copying Custom Volumio System Files