Installation fails

I have just tried to install Volumio on a Raspberry Pi B+ and it doesn’t appear to have worked.

My B+ is working OK and I can connect to the internet fine via the wired port or via a wireless dongle. In the discussion below I had removed the wireless dongle and was just running wired Ethernet.

The sd card boots ok but towards the end of the bootup I get the following messages:
Cannot find device eth0
Bind socket to interface: No such device
Failed to bring up Eth0

I do get the “pi@volumio” prompt but I cannot type anything in and it then intermittently gives the odd message.

I do see the volumio message with the copyright at the bottom of the screen. I cannot see the raspberry on a network map so I assume that eth0 is the default Ethernet port and that it should startup OK.

Can anyone help please?

Just had a little search around and found out I need v1.41 for the B+, I will give it a try and report back.

It seems to be working - that is I can see a screen in a web browser.

But I see nothing on my monitor connected to the raspberry - tried two different monitors.

I can see it with putty (on my pc) and can login with pi/raspberry credentials.

With i2s DACs for the B+ starting to come on line I feel I am now getting very close to having a working streamer. Ace!

Yes it works and it looks very good. I am using a Turtle Beach Micro II USB DAC and it happily drives it - no clicking and popping.

I have only been using the browser controller but that looks very impressive, clear and simple - like that. I was expecting to be able to connect to my minim upnp server on my NAS but I can’t see how to do that. So I am right in saying that Volumio does not support upnp?

Volumio supports Upnp.
You need to activate it over the Web Interface!

Go on - I give up.

The only thing I can see about upnp in the setup that is currently off is “UPNP\DLNA Indexing” and I have turned this on. I assume I should see my upnp server under library but I do not see it.

Hope it does work because getting the mount to work again this morning took a little time and once it had mounted it went into a library update which will take hours.

I think maybe I am being a bit impatient because the upnp option eventually appeared. The BerryDAC now seems to be coming on song for the B+ and so that will be my next purchase.

Great stuff.

One more question. I understand that if I am pointing volumio at a bunch of files then it needs to scan these files into its own library, but I think it also does this for upnp servers - which is weird. Does anyone know if this is correct?

Also how do I clear a playlist?

Also I can’t seem to remove a NAS share. I have deleted the share but I can still see it under Library.

Not possible yet.
Add a song with the the Add and replace function, then delete this song => clear playlist
A saved playlist can be deleted with SSH, use the search funtion, there should be a thread about it.

Update the NAS share (Update this Folder). If this doesn´t work try it with a full update of the MPD database.

Everything seems to change. First I couldn’t see the upnp option in the browse menu, then it appeared and now it is gone again. It also seems to be picky at upnp servers it can see (when it can see any that is), for example it has never unearthed my minimserver. This is unfortunate because this is my primary server simply because it is so much better than twonky.

Does it scan and build a library for upnp servers? If so, why?