Hello, during the first installaiton I waited a little but I did not see my volumio on the network, but he settled by cons I had to disconnect, but then it works so I have to reinstall?

Sorry, it is a bit difficult to understand your post, but you are saying that after installation you could not initially see Volumio on the network, but later you can? This may well be normal as on first boot, Volumio carries out a number of processes which take time to complete. If your installation is working fine, then I see no reason to reinstall.

So that means that if I turned it off it did not finish what it had to do so I corrupted the installation?

That is possible if you didn’t leave it 5 mins or so after it’s first boot.

How can i verify that ?

The simplest thing is just to reflash, boot up and go and have a coffee :slight_smile: