Install Volumio on a mini pc

I’d like install Volumio on a mini pc Minisforum N40 but I don’t understand how to install it on internal disk, please could you help me?

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Once you have made a bootable image on a usb stick, it is there as an option in the Volumio settings.

Thanks @chsims1, I’ve already read about this option but I don’t find it. Please could you show me where is it?

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‘Install to disk’ option under ‘Settings’ & ‘System’

Thanks @chsims1 but why I don’t have the option ‘Install to disk’ under ‘Settings’ & ‘System’? :frowning:

After you have started volumio from the usb stick succesfully:

  • on a windows pc: connect volumio’s network share like “\volumio.local\Internal Storage”, and copy the .img file to it. (or use volumio’s ip address instead of volumio.local)
  • on a linux pc, browse the network, mount “Internal Storage” and copy the .img file to it.

On the Volumio pc, press ctrl-alt to open a terminal, login with user volumio and password volumio.

cd /data/INTERNAL
sudo fdisk - l

fdisk should list all disk devices on your system, note the one that determines your hdd (usually /dev/sda, but you should be able to see that from the disk size also).
Assuming /dev/sda, but please make sure that is correct as it will overwrite that disk, all data will be lost!
Continue with

sudo dd if=name of your image file of=/dev/sda bs=4M

And pls. remove the usb stick! You must not use this stick anymore while the same volumio version is on the hdd.

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Thanks @gkkpch, when I type sudo fdisk -l I don’t see the local drive in the list but I see only the usb key sda’s :frowning:

is your internal disk an ssd? or an nvme device? or emmc flash?
Which version of volumio did you install?

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It’s an eMMC flash and Volumio is last version.

Should be a good solution if I change the actual mini pc with another one that having for example 64GB eMMC and an SSD to install it Volumio?

Let’s not give up yet, could you try the beta version of Volumio with Debian buster?
It is not an official version, but has all the new drivers and firmware needed for current x86 configurations.
You can download it from this page: Volumio X86/ Debian Buster debugging party (BETA)

The new Volumio version for x86 (32and 64bit) are based on this one and going to be released soon.

Sure, I’ll let you know… :wink:

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follow the official guide about it

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