Install - SD card


I have general question about Volumio installation:

I have an SD card with Volumio on a Raspberry Pi Zero 2.
Would it be OK to use the same installation on a Raspberry Pi 4.

  • Because the Zero 2 and Pi 4 have similar architectures
  • Or is it better to start over burning a new image to this or other SD card

[PS, I have tried between a Zero and Zero 2 and it does work]

can you tell us what version (1.4 or 1.5) of the pi4 / 2/4/8 gb are u using?
and volumio version

Since it is the same Volumio image for all PI installations, it should be OK. I have used the same SD for testing purposes in RPi 4 (2GB), RPi 3B, RPi 2 and RPi 1 (the last one was not so fun, but worked)

Which version of Volumio are you trying to use?
If I’m not mistaken there is a minimum version that is needed for the Pi4 to boot from.

If it’s a current version (anything v3.x) then it should be fine.

Thanks for the info, I was going to use version 3 of Volumio. I have a raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.2. (4Gb RAM)

that should not give a problem but a fresh install will always work too.
the burn process could be different for version 3 if you want to re-install with the latest version.