Install - Rpi3 Wifi and airplay issues

Help - I am setting up Volumio on an Rpi3 to use with a Boss dac and airplay streamer for my stereo.

I have installed Volumio on a 16GB flash, installed it in a Rpi3, and booted. After a few minutes, I’m able to connect to the hotspot, select the Boss DAC and add the Ppi3 to my wifi network.

Here is where it gets odd. I am not able to ping the IP address from my laptop. However, using Net Analyzer, I can see the IP on my iPhone.

From the phone, I am unable to connect using volumio.local. I am also not able to connect using the discovered IP address.

I downloaded the Volumio app, and manually typed in all of the settings - and am able to connect. I can even launch the webUI from the app with no problems!? However, when I am trying to stream music via airplay, I don’t see volumio as an option - just iphone and appleTV?

Any suggestions? I re-flashed and had basically the same problems.


EDIT: Reading through some of the forums, I saw someone mentioned trying without the DAC. So I set the output to HDMI, powered down, and removed the Boss DAC, Powerd back up, and not Volumio shows up in the airplay menu.

Any suggestions as to how the DAC is effecting the system? Bad DAC, or a setup issue?

Edit #2 - ignore my previous edit. It came up an airplay device for about 2 minutes and then disappeared. I can only guess wifi issues. Unfortunately it’s in a location that requires wifi… :unamused: