Install on Old iMac

I have an old 2009 iMac that I tried installing Linux on but the graphics driver doesn’t work so I have to us nomodeset in the grub to make it work correctly. I thought I would install Volumio OS to see how that works but it does the same thing.

How can I get into the grub to set it to nomodeset?


You will find the grub config in


You need to modify both, let me know how it went.

Thank you gkkpch, but how do I access these files if when I boot from the thumb drive it I can’t read the setup? I’ve tried pushing shift key and also the escape key but wont go into boot menu.

I was able to find it on the two files thumb drive. Where do I insert NOMODESET into them?

in both

In both files, look for the line “linux /linuz…” and add “nomodeset” at the end of it.
Unfortunately this may not work as in our initramfs, the graphics modules (ati/ intel/ nvidia) will be loaded with modeset=1, which could overrule whatever you have put on the command line.
You will need to try.

Just tried it and it didn’t work. Oh well, thank you for your help.