Install on Apple TV first gen?


Any hint on installing Volumio on Apple TV First Gen?



I am using Volumio 2 on Apple TV 1st gen.

I have made a 8gb usb live distribution and I am working on a script to install on the internal drive.


Wow, that’s exactly what I’d like to do.
Can you explain better, I did try live usb but didn’t work on my ATV.

Step to make a usb pendrive to boot on Apple TV 1st

  1. create Volumio USB pendrive
  2. resize a partition
  3. install atv bootloader on the new free space
  4. configure atv bootloader to boot Volumio system

This is the basic to boot in a working Volumio system then

  1. install wifi driver
  2. install atvclient to control led
  3. configure and mount internal hard disk

I have a img with all the above step.

If you want I can share to test.

Now I am working in a script to install on internal hard disk.



I’m not that linux savvy, so what I was trying to do was to use OSMC installer on OSX to create a live usb key and use the Volumio Audiophile Music Player for PC (X86/X64) image.
But I guess it’s not working.

I’ll be glad to test your script and give you some feedback.


Please wait some days.
I am working on the new volumio build that integrated the installer to internal disk.

Image ready!

Instructions on this page


Thank you, I’ll try ASAP!!!


I just installed your image on the HDD, and I’d like to congratulate with you for the porting and with all the Volumio developers for the great work they do.

Do you suggest moving my mp3 files to the local hard drive instead of have them on the NAS?
if so, what will you use, rsync?

thanks again for all you effort to make use of my beloved ATV first gen

please continue the discussion here

Hello ! I am wondering if i can get the digital audio out to work on the ATV 1 with Volumio ?

BTW i installed your image file on the hard drive of my ATV 1 and its working great !! thanks a lot for this !

To enable optical audio output see the discussion here