Initial install on UDOO, MDB problems, Questions ...


I’ve installed Volumio on my second UDOO Quad yesterday late at night. After the installation i connected via the Web Ui (nicely done!!).

I configured the “Library” to point to my NAS which sports quite a few tracks (>100.000 - we are an music ingestion service provider and i tried my test data set) and then pressed “Update MPD Database”. The updating starts (as shown in the top left). I can see the “mpd” process running at below 20 % of the CPU. On the NAS i see reading traffic - as expected - at around 2 Mbit/s or so.

After a while the UI gets unresponsive and a PHP process (form.php or so) goes up to 100% CPU. Network traffic on the NAS gets down to zero. No chance but to reboot via system console.

After rebooting and repeating the steps i get the same result.

I then tired with a reduced set of tracks (like 3.000) today in the morning and it worked.

So question 1 is: What is the maximum number of tracks the database can handle? Any hints how to cope with a “decent” six digit track set?

Rebooting again i tried Internet Radio - nice list. Audio works via the audio jack of the UDOO. I have not been able to change the volume though but after changing the Mixer Type to “Software” it worked as advertised.

Question 2: How can i add other radio stations? Did not see any UI for it.

I also tried the UI on different devices (smartphone, tablets). The UI on mobile devices could be improved. I am planning to move the .playback-controls down near to the Volume control and make them large - this easing the access via improved touch UE. Same for the Search feature which is kinda hart to hit when using a touch device.

Question 3: Are you thinking about an “official” theme support or how should users work/help in this field?

Question 4: I do understand that your intention is to keep unneeded processes out of the device to reduce any chance of audio disturbances. But i think that the UDOO quad is quite good enough to cope with more functions. I like to add some home automation to the story. Any comments about the topic of adding packages to your distri?

I have not yet looked at the code. Will do the following days.

Again - nice work. I really like what i see and i smell some good additional features coming up.

Have a nice christmas and holidays