Information about V2.35x

Hi folks,

these days there is a bit traffic abut new test versions (2.352, 2.353 obviously now released because my Volumio in test mode offers it to install).

Is there a board where some details about the new versions is posted? There surely is a changelog or something. I just can’t find it here. Can someone take me by the hand and guide me there? :unamused:

Thanks a lot,

Hi Robert,

intermediate/test versions are a fairly regular occurrence, where bug fixes, new stuff etc are available for people to try if they are brave enough :wink:. There is no changelog file for these releases as it all becomes a bit onerous in terms of cateloging changes which may well be reversed at the next test release.

If you’re interested in what is actually being included in these test releases then have a look at the Github site, where you can see the latest commits and issues.

Other version information is posted in a locked conversation under “staff communications” / “Changelog” here: