Independent Streams/Outputs

Okay, so I am looking into using Volumio on a Raspberry Pi 3 with an Octo Audio Injector I2S DAC.

I am confident I can split the outputs of the Octo to allow me to have 4 independent stereo audio outputs.

is Volumio capable of supporting 4 independent streams/playback services?

essentially this

Output 1 : Playing a Spotify Playlist
Output 2 : Playing song “A” from a Plex/NAS server
Output 3 : Playing song “B” from this ^^ Plex/NAS server
Output 4 : Playing a Pandora Playlist

If its not possible, could this support be added? It could open up a world of opportunities in high end residential audio markets. (also i want to be able to do this without programming it from scratch)

You can’t do that with volumio. But you can monitor several devices from one interface.

yes, i was aware you can have multiple pis running volumio, but with the fact that the Octo is supported by volumio, it would be more cost effective to only use one pi and the $50 sound card, if volumio could handle multiple streams. looks like ill have to find another solution, or make one. im assuming a plugin for volumio would not be able to add this functionality.

since volumio does not support multiple streams, is it possible to have multiple instances of volumio running on one raspberry pi? i know you can select the output volumio uses, so that would solve all the problems if you can change the communication ports/how the web UI is served.